Strategic Plan

Click here to download the 2019-2022 MSHA Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

Empowering communication professionals to optimize service delivery and quality of life for all.

Mission Statement

MSHA supports audiologists and speech-language pathologists through education, networking, maintaining ethical standards, and advocacy for positive change.

Strategic Objectives and Organization Goals

Focus: Membership

Strategic Objective: To increase membership by 15% over the next 3 years. 

Organizational StrategiesPerson ResponsibleEnd Date
Increase in members, increase in diversity,All EB & Committee Chairs especially Membership Chair and EDFebruary 29, 2022
Increase member engagementAll EB & Committee Chairs especially Membership ChairFebruary 29, 2022
Increase student participation/retention/transition to full membersAll but specifically University chairs/committeeFebruary 29, 2022
Marketing materials updateVP MarketingDecember 31, 2019
Increase in awareness of membership benefitsVP MarketingFebruary 29, 2022

Outcome: An increase in membership by 5% each year for 3 years.

Indicators of Success:

  • A continued increase noted in membership data in years 2019, 2020, 2021
  • At least one EB member representative of a minority group over the three year term
  • Increase in diversity across membership comparing 2019 data to 2022 data
  • Send at least 8 questionnaires to the membership
  • Increase social media interaction on at least 1 platform by 20%
  • At least 30 MSHA accomplishments/EB/Committee actions awareness social media posts and/or eblasts
  • Increase in student membership by 20%
  • Give full membership discount incentive for continued 2 year student membership
  • MSHA brochures, Legislative Day, Membership brochures, and School brochures marketing materials have been updated
  • At least 30 social media posts regarding benefits of membership and 10 eblasts

Focus: Finance

Strategic Objective: To increase income by 15% over the next 3 years. 

Organizational StrategiesPerson ResponsibleEnd Date
MSHA StoreExecutive Director and VP:FinanceDecember 21, 2021
Increase sponsors/advertisingConference chairs, VP: Marketing and Public RelationsDecember 31, 2022
Fundraising- possible fall event, silent auctionFundraising CommitteeDecember 31, 2020
Increase ReserveVP:FinanceDecember 31, 2022

Outcome: Increased revenue and further financial stability of the association.

Indicators of Success:

  • Increase monetary reserves by 5% over three years
  • One fundraising event planned and held
  • Creation of MSHA Store by target date
  • Exhibitors increase to 40 exhibitors by target date
  • Obtain at least a total of 9 sponsors over the three year term

Focus: Communication

Strategic Objective: To increase internal and external communication.

Organizational StrategiesPerson ResponsibleEnd Date
Rebranding of MSHAVP:Marketing and PR and all EB membersDecember 31, 2019
To partner with a minimum of 5 agencies/professions to increase support for MSHA related issues.All EB membersDecember 31, 2022
BOD AccountabilityAll EB membersDecember 31, 2022

Outcome: To create an efficient Executive Board, increase public awareness, and to increase visibility of MSHA.

Indicators of Success:

  • MSHA sponsored BHSM campaign across state in May
  • Partnership with 5 agencies/professions
  • All EB and Committee chairs complete TOM reports
  • All EB and Committee chairs attend yearly Face-to-face meetings
  • Implementation of EB self-evaluations

Strategic Plan Manager: Executive Director

Evaluation of Progress: Monthly, but formal reports on the listed dates.

First Quarter
June 1, 2019September 1, 2019December 1,  2019March 1, 2020
Second QuarterJune 1, 2020September 1, 2020December 1, 2020March 1, 2021
Third QuarterJune 1, 2021September 1, 2021December 1, 2021March 1, 2022 

SWOT Analysis


  • MSHA promotes increased professionalism
  • Strong awareness of professional issues
  • Capable and willing leaders
  • Diversity in clinical expertise across the BOD and membership
  • Strong conference
  • Some committees inform membership well
  • Well-respected, longstanding organization with good reputation
  • Strong lobbying
  • Strong financial reserves
  • Schools support conference attendance


  • Communication -both internal and external
  • Engagement with/among members
  • Financial status
  • Lack of diversity within membership
  • Retention of student members who transition to full members
  • Audiology participation and membership
  • Public awareness of association
  • Data collection
  • Membership


  • Increase in positive social media and member engagement in social media
  • Increase in membership
  • All committees inform membership well
  • Increase our public awareness
  • Increase external advertising and sponsors for MSHA
  • Increase benefits for membership
  • Increase in awareness of benefit for professionals
  • Increased income, including a MSHA store
  • Partnering with other organizations
  • Data collection
  • Transparency across the association


  • Financial status
  • Time and energy of volunteers and membership
  • Competing with other organizations for membership
  • Connecting with all generations, especially younger generations

January 11. 2019: Members in attendance: Kim Ward (President), Amy Rosonet Lebert (Past President), Jeffalyn Trammell (President-Elect), Ashley Grillis (VP:Audiology), Linda Piazza (VP:Healthcare), Courtney Turner (VP:Marketing and Public Relations), Kelly Spence (VP:Schools), Gina Jenkins (VP:CE), Anita Apperley (VP:Finance), and Ricki Garrett (Executive Director).